Rookie mistakes

About half of the players in camp went on the first road trip of the season Friday, when the Isles took on Boston in the preseason opener. With a number of rookies vying for roster spots, there were more than a few first-timers on board who had yet to master the art of flying private.

Time to educate:

Rule 1: Go with the “one hot meal per game” strategy. It’s hard to justify two steaks in one day. Stick to a sandwich or salad on the way in and save your three-courser for the way home.

Rule 2: Let the cookie tray go. It’s harder than it sounds, but save it for special occasions. No one just takes one cookie, and with over 100 flights a season, it adds up.

Rule 3: Grab the good stuff every time it goes by. The water and fruit make several appearances throughout the flight, but you only get one crack at the gum. Take your time - you don’t want to end up with Apple-Pineapple for the whole trip.

Rule 4: Don’t get goaded into the poker game. I don’t care how big a deal you just signed - no one can afford to lose that much money to Shakey.

Rule 5: Sleep now. We land around 4 am and practice is at 9.