Rock The Stache In NHL13

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon in Vancouver than by taking a tour of the EA Sports studios?

Michael Grabner, Matt Martin, Matt Moulson, Frans Nielsen and Kyle Okposo stopped by the video game company after practice on Saturday to see how the games are made and to get a sneak peak of a few upcoming titles.

The first stop on the tour was a photo shoot, where each player posed for 360-degree head shots. EA Sports will use the images to make each player look as realistic as possible in NHL 13.

Thank goodness they caught the boys in the middle of movember. (We’ll have to start petitioning the company now to keep the facial hair in the final product.)

At 6’3, 210-pounds, Matt Martin was deemed the perfect candidate to model for the NHL player prototype, hence the full-body pics.

During a blue vs. white game of NHL 12, the players took the opportunity to try and talk the designers into boosting some of their ratings. Matt Martin was pushing to go from a 78 to an 80 overall, while Michael Grabner admitted he would settle for a small boost to his strength rating (“They’ve got me build like a 14-year-old”).

After a few goals and a few scraps (including Martin vs. Martin - a “win-win” for the winger), the boys finished their tour by helping themselves to a pile of free games.

Not a bad off day.

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