PR Payback

During MSG’s pregame shot of the locker room last night, Michael Grabner thought it would be funny to throw his jersey on right before the MSG cameraman was positioned to capture that very moment.  The resulting footage was less than compelling, as the smirking Gremlin sat motionless in his stall, trying to contain his laughter. He was quite pleased with the move, and made sure to let me know as much when he walked to the ice for warmups.

During the first intermission, second intermission and postgame, I thought it would be funny to have Grabs do lengthy interviews with WRHU (1st), CJ Papa (2nd), MSG (postgame) and NHL On The Fly (late night).

In all honesty, I thought the first two interviews were retribution enough (especially considering I’d already allowed the MSG cameraman to awkwardly shoot him for over 2:00 during the failed locker room shot, which usually goes about 15 seconds). Grabs actually earned the two postgame interviews after giving Kimber a face wash with his sweat-soaked glove on his way off the ice after the game.

I’d say PR Payback’s a b*** (you can’t censor me! Oh wait, yes you can – you should have seen all of the F-bombs in my first draft), but after Grabner’s breakaway goal in the team’s 5-1 victory, there’s a good chance we’ll do the whole thing again next game.



In other walk-off interview news from last night…

You know that move in baseball when a batter hits a homerun, trots around the bases and returns to the dugout only to find all of his teammates pretending that nothing happened? There’s not a single smile or high-five to be found until one teammate eventually cracks and the team swarms the hitter to celebrate?

I felt like we were pulling that move on John Tavares last night after his monster 2nd period, when we didn’t pull him for an intermission interview. He couldn’t have been expecting to walk right through the media gauntlet of CJ Papa, WRHU and MSG without being stopped, but each outlet had already committed to a different player.

In the baseball analogy, once JT made it to his stall, all of the media would have suddenly stormed into the dressing room and surrounded him for an interview.

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