Way To Take One For The Team, Marty


Fans who caught John Tavares’ guest appearance on Boomer and Carton’s radio show this morning on New York’s WFAN may have been surprised when, seemingly out of nowhere, the duo began tearing Matt Martin to pieces.


Carton started the anti-Martin barrage with, “This Matt Martin’s taking too many penalties, I can tell you that right off the bat.”

Tavares was blindsided. After a few moments of stunned silence, he managed, in a muted tone, “Martin?”

Carton added, “I worry about him being on the ice, because he’s a little out of control and it’s penalty-penalty-penalty for this kid.”

Falling back on his years of media training, Tavares recovered, citing Marty’s NHL hits record and clean play.

Boomer Esiason, the show’s resident Rangers fan, added, “I hear that Martin may be on the trade block, is that right?…I’m thinking maybe Vancouver.”

Vancouver, eh?

Now why would Boomer Esiason care so much if Matt Martin were dealt to a west coast team?

Say Boomer, would that be the furthest NHL city from, I don’t know, Boston…the city of a certain loved one in your family?

imageIt turns out JT was unfamiliar with Boomer’s daughter, Sydney – a student-athlete at Boston College. I do believe, however, that she’s met Matt.

You heard it here first – Matt Martin has taken this Isles-Rangers rivalry to another level… a, umm, romantic level.

Sources say that the first time Sydney brought boyfriend Matt home to meet the parents, Boomer wore a Rangers jersey.

I can’t wait ‘till Sydney comes home in an Orange and Blue #17.

Here’s an exclusive Photo, courtesy Matt Martin Creeper Pics LLC.

P.S. Dear Arthur Staple – Where you at on this story? Consider yourself scooped.

P. P. S. I love everyone’s reaction to the #Isles tweet this morning: Keep an eye on @JesseDEisenberg and #SkatesOnAPlane for an #Isles EXCLUSIVE today. Big player news. #ItsHockeyTime!

Like we’re going to break a trade or player signing on SOAP, just so I can chirp the guy or something? This blog sticks to hard-hitting news.

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