Scrolling through the Islanders’ comprehensive auction page, which was established to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief, Jordan Mosberg’s parents wisely scrolled past every autographed stick and jersey.

They instead came away with “Islanders Equipment Manager For A Game.”

Maybe they thought it was time for their nine-year-old son to learn how to do laundry.

Fortunately for Jordan, he was quickly promoted from the dryer room to the Islanders bench.

Jordan spent the afternoon in the Islanders locker room handing out towels, and waters, and even running equipment back and forth from the repair room to the players.

He watched pre-game warmups from the home bench and finished the game along side Head Equipment Manager Scott Boggs, meeting every player for an autograph.

Knowing Boggsy, Jordan likely walked away with a new Islanders wardrobe, too.

Here’s Jordan meeting Lubomir Visnovsky after the game.


Here he is playing it cool - clearly not noticing Kyle Okposo - while preparing to hand out waters with Assistant Athletic Trainer Phil Watson.


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