Everything Is Easier When You Win

It’s a mantra that resonates throughout a sports organization, from ticket salesmen who have an easier time putting butts in seats, to PR guys who get to enjoy some positive press.

While the Coliseum has been hopping and the media has swarmed during the team’s recent stretch of success, not every department is benefiting.

It turns out, when you have the world’s most superstitious coaching staff, the tried-and-true mantra is thrown out the window.

There’s been one constant during the Islanders’ exciting playoff push, and it doesn’t involve the starting lineup, line combinations or X’s and O’s.

The coaches’ basketball game has become a pregame institution, much to the dismay of the staff’s ankles, knees and backs.

After several weeks of playing, it’s become evident that the coaches don’t even like basketball. But when they play, we win. So they play.

With countless rolled ankles, twisted knees and jammed fingers, the banged-up coaches spend more time with the team medical staff than most players.

They ditch the crutches, braces and ice in the locker room each night and limp out to the bench to coach through the pain.

Doug Weight debuted his new pair of Dunks on the last trip… they led to a career-high 9% shooting percentage (the games are determined in large part by rebounds, and when you’re under the basket with a bunch of hockey players, those rebound’s also come with an elbow to the face).

Anything to help the team.

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