What We Learned From Physicals

Prospect heights and weights have been updated on the Isles site from this morning’s physicals (Click Here). Head shots coming soon, too.

There must be something in the water in Niagara, as IceDogs teammates Ryan Strome (6’1) and Jesse Graham (6’0) each added an inch since last year’s camp.

The only other player to stretch a full inch over the season was Doyle Somerby (now 6’6), who really needed that extra range to finally be considered a legit prospect - how far could his career have gone at a mere 6’5, 232-pounds?

In the Hungry Man competition, Loic Leduc added a whopping 22 pounds to his 6’6 frame since last season’s weigh-in, now totaling 221-pounds. Adam Pelech wasn’t far behind, adding 19 pounds and weighing in at 215.

Defenseman Andrey Pedan added a few pounds, but all in flow.


And in other flow news, Anders Lee apparently hadn’t taken off his helmet since his point-per-game NHL debut last season. (When you’re hot, you’re hot.)


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