Islanders vs. Real Life

I went to a friend’s wedding this weekend and, like everything else in my life, couldn’t help but compare it to a typical team function.

That means it’s time for an exciting episode of “Islanders vs. Real Life”

This week: “The Islanders Pregame Meal vs. A Real Life Wedding”

Before I go any further, a quick message from our sponsor (errrr, my conscience): Let’s get it on paper that the wedding was beautiful and the families should be proud and blah blah blah.

Now back to the show…


This one came down to the wire, but “Pregame Meal with the Islanders” narrowly beat out “Real Life Wedding” with a late-round score from the “Pregame Nap.”

Be sure to tune in next time when “Islanders vs. Real Life” pits “Sparky vs. A Real Dragon.”

P.S. I’m pretty sure this chart is worthy of the 2011 Media Guide.

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